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Having a signed Sale and Purchase Agreement can feel fairly daunting, but luckily you will have a team of experts helping you to ensure things run smoothly through to settlement. The real daunting aspect of purchasing a property is finding that perfect one in the first place and in a market dominated by Tenders, Auctions and Deadline sales perfecting your offer is equally as important.

In the current market valuing a property is a difficult task and with properties selling $100k over RV, RVs are becoming decreasingly helpful. Comparison shopping appears to be a much more useful approach. So let’s have a look at a couple of apps that combine browsing properties for sale and pricing information, to assist you with this task.


TradeMe is a “go to” for many searching the property market and with the addition of the sale feature the app now provides more depth to the information available for searching. The main search feature of the app provides information such as school zones, floor and land area, RV and open home details. The sold feature of the app allows you to search properties by location, price sold for and the timeframe in which it was sold. You can the view the date it was last sold, for what price and the most recent RV.

While the app is a great tool, it should be used as one of many for your search as it has its limitations. From when a property is sold, it can take a few months for that information to be updated to the app and the older the sale the less helpful its sold price is going to be. In general, when considering what a property sold for it is important to remember a property’s worth is different for different people depending on their needs and motivations.


The QV app is another great tool for researching properties for sale. The app provides information about the property’s sale activity, estimated repayment amounts through ANZ, demographics and school zones for the area. The app also provides for some useful in-app purchases such as land value, building age, floor area, natural hazards and title information.

An estimated selling range is available for properties for sale and while useful, in the current market it may end up being quite different to what the property sells for. While all the features are helpful in taking your search an extra step further, it should not be used as a substitute for carrying out full due diligence.

Both apps are incredibly helpful for browsing properties and both provide useful information that will allow you to consider an appropriate offer. Whilst a great starting point, there are plenty of tools you can use to assist with your search, including consulting some experts. Don’t hesitate to contact us during your search should you have any questions.

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