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Our Conveyancing Process For Home Sellers

Selling your home can be a complex and daunting process. Using a conveyancing expert to take care of the legalities is the best way to have confidence in your property transaction. HomeLegal can take care of the conveyancing process for you to reduce unwanted delays and issues and progress your transaction efficiently.

The Conveyancing Process for Home Sellers

When you have made the decision to sell a property you will find it helpful to discuss your particular situation with one of our property law experts here at HomeLegal, so you are aware of matters that need to be included in your sale agreement, and any disclosures which may be required. You should take legal advice before contacting a real estate agent, signing a listing agreement and placing your property on the market.

Home sellers are legally obligated to the buyer to provide the correct information about the property. We help first-time home sellers navigate their way around this to ensure all the information is correct, so as to avoid any future disagreements or legal actions.

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The residential conveyancing experts here at HomeLegal will check that your property title is in good order and may advise you to fix any discrepancies or irregularities. Before placing your property on the market, we recommend that you take care of some paperwork beforehand especially if your property is a Unit Title property, for which you should have copies of all insurance policies or certificates by the body corporate, as well as a copy of a pre-contract disclosure statement. A prospective buyer will ask to see these before they put in an offer. We will also assist with negotiations, mortgage repayments, arrange for title transfers, council rate payments, agents commision payments, and arrange payments of net proceeds of the sale.

From the time the contract is signed through to settlement date, a lot happens. Occasionally, title searches reveal problems with the property, builders reports identify matters to be resolved, or valuations for finance may be too low. We deal with these problems on a daily basis and will guide you through the process of resolving them.

HomeLegal Lawyers Streamline the Conveyancing Process for you

Our professional team of conveyancing experts here at HomeLegal can work with you through any preliminary matters, confirm you are happy with the agreement before signing, and deal with the conditional period. Once unconditional, we work through the settlement process to ensure everything happens on time, including repaying any debts secured by the mortgage over the property and paying the funds to you.

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