Michael Hofmann-Body is a regular contributor to Vibrant Hutt, a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine. In his column he comments on residential property issues.

Our “On the Move” Booklet is full of useful and practical information whether you are selling or buying a home.

If you would like a hard copy of our booklet please email Joanne Davies [email protected]  who is one of our HomeLegal solicitors, with your mailing address details, or telephone 891-2188.

Feature Articles

One or more of these feature articles may be helpful to you in relation to your sale or purchase.

You and Your Property

“You and Your Property” is a series of columns by Michael Hofmann-Body, our Managing HomeLegal partner, for Vibrant Hutt Magazine. Below is a selection of the latest “You and Your Property” articles.

Property Speaking

Property Speaking is published quarterly and contains articles which are both useful and interesting.