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Conveyancing Quote & Our Fixed Fees

Buying or selling a property can be an expensive exercise. First home buyers in particular are often hit with unexpected costs. Legal fees are just one of the necessary expenses that come with buying or selling a property. Legal fees reflect the complexity of the transactions with simple transactions costing less than more complex ones.

Historically, legal fees have not been transparent. Costs such as GST disbursements and office services are often not disclosed. At HomeLegal we want to ensure that our clients have confidence that they know the exact cost of the transaction from the outset.

Getting a Conveyancing Quote

In order to be completely transparent about our costs we offer fixed fees.  To take advantage of those fixed fees get in touch with one of our team on 0508 HomeLegal to get a tailor-made conveyancing quote for your situation.  Our quotes will always be fully inclusive and set out any GST, disbursements and other costs to ensure that you have no surprises. With Homelegal you will have certainty from the outset.

Our Fixed Conveyancing Fees

We understand the importance of knowing the cost of your proposed conveyancing transaction before you engage a lawyer.  To help you with your budget we offer FIXED PRICE conveyancing.  Our fixed fees will vary depending on your needs, the type of property you are buying or selling and the type of funding you will be using.  One of our lawyers will be happy to go through your proposed transaction with you and provide you with a fixed fee customised for you.  They will then provide you with a letter of engagement confirming the agreed fee if you wish to proceed.

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When we provide you with our fixed fee, it will include all of the costs we have to pay third parties on your behalf.  We will also calculate the disbursements and GST that will be payable so that you have a total figure for your transaction.

In a competitive property market, we know that there is no guarantee that your first purchase will be successful.  For this reason we will reduce our fee if you are unsuccessful in your offer for a property.

Contact the HomeLegal team for all your property conveyancing needs today