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Our Property Conveyancing Services

Buying or selling a house and want to make sure nothing holds up the transaction? Need legal advice before committing to a purchase?

HomeLegal Conveyancing Services

Entrusting an experienced property lawyer to handle the sale or purchase of a property ensures all legal obligations and steps are adhered to, while giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

If you’re looking at your first home, it’s not expected of you to know all the steps involved – or the potential traps you might fall into – when buying a house.

If this isn’t your first time buying or selling a house, then you’ll be fully aware of the value an experienced property conveyancing team will bring to a transaction – ensuring everything from desposits and mortgage arrangements, to the title are taken care of.

Conveyancing Services for First-Home Buyers

We’re often asked by first-home buyers why seeking advice from a property solicitor is required when buying a house. The value an experienced property conveyancing lawyer provides is inestimable. Most sales and purchases have unique features, all demanding the same level of attention.

Even the most experienced property investor can come unstuck from a vaguely worded Sale and Purchase Agreement clause, which is why at HomeLegal we deliver high-quality property law advice to all our clients.

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The services we offer first-home buyers and established property investors include:

  • Independent review of the Sale and Purchase agreements.
  • Title reviews.
  • Communication with the vendor’s solicitor and the real estate agent where required on contract terms and conditions.
  • Review (when requested) of land information memorandam’s (LIM Reports).
  • Ensuring the purchase agreement is made unconditional once your conditions have been satisfied.
  • Receipt and preparation of bank loan instructions and security documentation. We’ll also meet with you to explain the documentation in an approachable and understandable manner.
  • Discussions and advice on KiwiSaver withdrawals and the Homestart Grant if necessary.
  • Communication with your bank to make sure all funding is in place on settlement.
  • Reminders and information around settlement, transfers of existing mortgage, post-registration searches and obtaining certificate of insurance currency to enable funds to be advanced.
  • Final reporting to ensure you have a clear record of your transaction and copies of all property and mortgage documents for your records.

Our team understand that buying a house can be a stressful event – but it doesn’t have to be! As property conveyancing specialists, we can offer advice on areas of the process you may have missed or overlooked due to the excitement involved in buying a house. We want you to be happy in your new home, and this is best achieved when you can make informed choices.

Contact our team today if you want to discuss any aspect of our process further.

Conveyancing Services If You Are Selling Property

When it comes time to sell your home, things can get just as complicated as when you first bought it. We can offer advice and guidance through every step of the process, ensuring you aren’t taken advantage of and that potential obstacles to a sale are minimised or avoided. As experienced conveyancing lawyers, we’ve been on both sides of the transaction.  We can help you understand your legal obligations on disclosing information about your home to potential buyers.

Our team can also handle communications with your bank, arrange for a discharge of your mortgage, transfer the title, and ensure all settlement funds are paid to you in full.

Some of the services our property solictors offer when selling a house include:

  • Advising on sale strategies.
  • Advising on contract conditions.
  • Liaising with the real estate agent and the purchaser’s solicitor prior to the contract becoming uncondition and though to settlement.
  • Preparing and signing settlement documentation.
  • Arranging a discharge of mortgage.
  • Repaying your bank.
  • Providing notice of change of owership to the local council(s).
  • Accounting to you for your net proceeds.
  • Completing final reporting on your sale.

If you want peace of mind when selling your home, HomeLegal are the property lawyers based in Wellington, Lower hutt and Upper Hutt you can depend on. We’ll ensure you’re fully informed every step of the way, so you can get on with living your life instead of worrying about the fine details of selling a home.

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Contact the Property Solicitors at HomeLegal

Whether you’re buying your first home or have experience with selling a property, you can count on the property conveyancing team at HomeLegal to take care of you through the entire process. Contact our friendly team today at 0508 HOMELEGAL if you’d like to learn more about our services, and organise a time to come to our offices and meet the team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!