Joella Everitt

Joella Everitt

Senior Solicitor / LL.B.

Joella joined HomeLegal in January 2017. She is a well established residential conveyancing lawyer, able to assist with all aspects of residential conveyancing. While Joella is based in our Lower Hutt office she is able to meet clients in all three of our office locations. Joella married recently and has changed her surname from Pietras to Everitt.

Q and A with Joella

How would you describe your style of practice or your approach to dealing with clients?

In my legal practice it is important for me to be as approachable to clients as possible, listening to their needs, and allowing them to feel like they can trust me. Buying a house can be daunting, and I want to reassure my clients that I am here for them if they need anything. I enjoy helping people, and knowing that my clients are happy with the result is incredibly satisfying.

If you had a single piece of advice to give a person in relation to property acquisitions what would it be?

Seek advice from lawyers before purchasing a home. Do not under estimate the importance of completing due diligence on a property. We are here to help.

What has had the biggest impact on how you practice law over recent years?

There are constantly changes to legislation that we need to adapt to in our law practice. There has also been an increase in different technology which has made working more efficient.

When you are not being a lawyer what do you like doing most?

I love to travel and experience different places around the world. I also enjoy running and doing Pilates. Spending time with my family is incredibly important to me and make this a priority.

Who gave you the best piece of advice in relation to your legal career and what was it?

My mother has always told me “You like to argue – you’ll be good lawyer”.

What is your favourite quote?

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour." – Elon Musk