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Each type of property has its own unique features. For example most apartments are on unit titles. Tucked away in the unit title structure are sets of body corporate rules which can limit the way you use your unit.

Buy a house with peace of mind

We handle all aspects of buying and selling homes, sections, apartments, town houses and retirement village units. If you can live in it, we can handle the legal side of transferring the ownership.

You may not be able to have a dog or curtains of a colour that you want. If you are buying a cross-lease property you may have shared rights and obligations for driveways and restrictions on alterations you can make to the property. If you are buying or subdividing a section there will be Council planning matters you will need to be aware of.

Contract Conditions

Apart from the relatively few occasions where house purchasers are able to make an unconditional offer agreements are subject to conditions. Finance, LIM, title and builders report are the most common. How you express your conditions and how long you need to satisfy them can determine how attractive your offer is. We can assist with cutting down the time needed and suggestions on what will make your offer more attractive. Buying a house is a competitive process. Being one step ahead of other house buyers can make all the difference.

For details of the steps involved in the process see our article Buying a Home – The Legal Process.

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HomeLegal provides a comprehensive residential conveyancing service. Supported by the collective experience and expertise of leading property lawyers Gillespie Young Watson the HomeLegal team make buying and selling a home easy by taking care of the detail. Our HomeLegal team of qualified property lawyers take care of the detail for you. They will advise you in respect of all aspects of the transaction. We leave you to get on with the more interesting aspects of the purchase or sale. We take special care of first home buyers as they come in contact with the home buying process for the first time.

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First Home Buyers

Property Conveyancing Advice for First-Home Buyers

If you’re a first-home buyer, it’s understandable that you may not know all the steps to buying a house. Although you will be getting excited looking at properties and may be keen to sign a Sale and Purchase Agreement, obtaining expert legal advice early on from a specialist property solicitor will ensure there are no unexpected hurdles on the path to your first home.

Our property law specialists at HomeLegal can guide you through this often-complicated process ensuring you’re informed on both your contractual and ongoing obligations before you sign anything.

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Our Residential Conveyancing Process for Home Buyers

Buying a home can be a complex process and hiring a conveyancing expert to take care of the legalities is the best way to have confidence in your property transaction. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a home, HomeLegal can take care of the conveyancing process.

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Our Residential Conveyancing Services for Home Buyers

At HomeLegal, we’re experts in property law and conveyancing, and specialise in providing residential conveyancing services and advice for home buyers. Every conveyancing transaction is different and unique, and if you want to avoid serious problems when buying a property, using the collective experience of our HomeLegal team of property lawyers is the best way to put your mind at ease.

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