First Home Buyers

There is something very special about buying your first home. Unfortunately rapidly increasing house prices, particularly in Auckland, saw the Reserve Bank impose lending restrictions on Banks. This has put a new obstacle in the way of the first homebuyer.

It doesn’t have to be an unattainable goal. Many of HomeLegal’s clients are first homebuyers. With a little lateral thinking the challenge can be made into an opportunity. In our greater Wellington market with fewer buyers and relatively stable prices, first homebuyers armed with the right strategies and techniques can achieve their dreams.

Our HomeLegal lawyers have combined their collective experience gained from acting for hundreds of first homebuyers. For assistance with your first home purchase contact our first home buyer specialists Michael Hofmann-Body ( or 021 0340711) or Sam Walker ( or 021 1855462. They will be happy to run through with you the strategies, techniques and workarounds available that might help you into your first home.

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