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An open home is a great opportunity to find out if your ideal home lives up to your expectations. When you are buying a house, there are always so many things going around in your mind that it can be a hard task remembering to answer all the important questions. It can be even harder when you know the person selling the house is only presenting you with the best parts of the property, read our tips and traps before going to an open home. We suggest taking a simple checklist along with you to an open home – it acts as a reminder of those questions you really need to answer but may forget in the pressure of a quick open home viewing. It’s easier to find out more information before you actually sign up a contract and begin the conveyancing process.

Open Home Checklist:

  • Does the house have sufficient insulation/heating to keep you warm in winter?
  • Is the house going to get the same amount of natural light in summer/winter?
  • Are there enough rooms/bathrooms for your family including desired spare rooms?
  • Is there ample off-street car parking or are there parks available on the road?
  • Are there things you see that you would change but might take a significant amount of money? If there are, will you be able to afford the changes particularly if you are borrowing money from the Bank?
  • Do the neighbours’ houses look well kept? Are there any chicken coops hidden in the back yard?
  • Can you see any rooms or buildings on the property that look like they may have been built later? Garages, carports and observatories should be checked out during an open home as the Agent may disclose information they have about these additions.
  • How close is the property to family/friends/work/public transport?
  • Where in the house is the laundry and where can you dry your washing?
  • Why are the people selling their house? How long has it been on the market?
  • Be sure to ask the Agent whether there is anything else they should tell you, particularly things that may affect the property’s value – the Agent is required to tell you of any known building issues or whether there is a kennel or childcare centre going in next door!

Feel free to print out this checklist and add your own reminders!

Take a look at the Home Buyers Roadmap– written by property lawyers to help you understand the home buying process.